Unique and original solutions to enter the OLTREMATERIA world and give shape to ideas and projects.

ECOMALTA ®  and OLEOMALTA ®  coordinated materials for: 

design continuous surfaces with a young and contemporary appeal and an international style, which are characterized by shades with a concrete effect with different textures and materials, passing from coordinated and minimal solid colors that give life to refined chromatic accords, using materials coming from recycling certified and dialoguing with art and three-dimensional thick decoration, encountering the strength of the exclusive colors of the OLTREMATERIA ®  palette, experimenting with the depth and beauty of our natural Earths and mineral oxides, up to the exciting coatings with photoluminescent glows and the air ionization.

Study by  OLTREMATERIA ®  LAB (in Italy) to dialogue with your project, for a symbiosis between colors and materials and a refined and exclusive home with a contemporary design, with floors, walls, furniture and furnishing accessories that become a single and continuous surface.

A project that stems from a long search for environmentally friendly and certified materials and solutions produced with the most innovative technologies, less and less serial and closer to the need to customize their environments, to help improve well-being inside homes and disseminate the quality and high craftsmanship made in Italy.